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USB Web Key Spec Sample Kit (5 Pieces)

USB Web Key Spec Sample Kit (5 Pieces)
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Why tell them when you can show them!

Get ready to impress in your next meeting by handing your favorite client (and big spenders!) a USB Web Key with their logo printed in FULL COLOR . Tell them to plug it in and watch their eyes sparkle and their mouth smile just a bit as they begin to imagine how they might use this simple but engaging technology to support their communication and customer engagement objectives… Heck – even if they don’t end up buying USB Web Keys, you’ll have impressed them with initiative and creative thinking …. which is, afterall, why they love you anyhow…

This may be the best $10.00 you spend in a long time!

(That’s $10.00 for 5 keys ($2.00) each with shipping included)

PS – Your success is our success and since we wish you the best of success, we recommend the following:

  1. Put your customer’s logo on the front of the key
  2. Put your logo and/or contact information on the back of the key
  3. Load your customer’s website on the key - and consider picking a url other than the main page.


Order in 3 simple steps ... Click "Next Step" above and ...

  1. Upload your logo to be printed on the front and a text file or another logo to be printed on the back
  2. Copy/paste the URL (web address) you want preloaded on the drive
  3. Complete your purchase!

Spec Sample Q&A

Why 5 keys?

  • One for the person you are meeting with…
  • One for the person you did not know was going to be in the meeting…
  • One for you to keep and refer back to when they get ready to order… (lots!)
  • Two as “Show & Tell” keys for other customer meetings not warranting the time it takes to make a spec sample…


When will I get my USB Web Key Spec Samples?

We gang run these small but very important orders once per week. We then ship US Mail (shipping is included in the kit price of $10.00!). Depending on where in this great country of ours you live (sorry – USA addresses only for this special), you will receive your spec samples anywhere from 8 – 12 days from the date you place your order.


As you can see from the fun diagram above – a USB Web Key is plugged into a computer’s USB port… the computer launches the website that was programmed on the key … the person who plugged the web key in is now exactly where the person who gave them the key wants them – LIKE MAGIC!
As for what happens when the customer gets to the website… that’s a function of the objectives of the company handing out the web keys.  Want some ideas?


Do you have a client who has invested time, money and strategic thinking in multimedia?  Why not suggest they include a web key in their next direct mail piece, or as an attachment to their catalog.  Or maybe they can deliver web keys to move their prospects and customers to that “you gotta see this” You Tube video.


For those customers looking for a more “measurable” ROI on their premiums, this may be the perfect solution.  Instead of giving the premium, your client can give a web key that entitles them to the premium, which can be shipped after the customer plugs the web key in and provides the required information.   While their fulfillment costs will go up a bit, the total premium costs will go down (they will be giving away fewer items to more qualified targets) and their ROI will go through the roof!


If you have clients who like fun and games – they will love web keys. Imagine this…

√ 500 web keys – all look the same from the outside. √ One special web key - programmed to go to a YOU HAVE WON! page. √ Lots of people plugging the web key in (and providing name, rank, serial number) to see if they are the lucky winner! Oh yeah… make it a big prize and lots and lots and lots of people will play.

iPad anyone?



Web keys are a great way for your trade show and conference organizers to get their attendees  directly to resource pages  to review and print what they want.   And remember – your client does not need to go entirely green – they can just print less and include a web key to take their attendees to more.


Some websites are so big, deep and confusing they almost defeat the purpose of their existence.  After all, what’s the point of creating a website to provide information if there’s so much information you can’t find it. Think Colleges & Universities!  With a web key, even the smallest of Departments can have a huge impact by taking their audience directly where they want them.


A USB Web Key, in its simpliest form, does just one thing.  It drives people to a website for information and education.  IT CANNOT BE USED FOR ANYTHING ELSE.   That paper flyer, on the other hand, can be folded into a paper airplane and may not comply with PhRMA code :) …  That’s right, check your client list for those who care about PhRMA compliance and get ready to write some orders!

And that should be enough.  The truth is, all you need is two or three “ideas” to discuss with your target customer.  That’s just enough to get their mind thinking about their own compelling and creative ideas to use this fun, simple, easy to deploy product to drive more meaningful customer engagement in support of their communication objectives.

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